Zoetic Press is on hiatus, and and will not be accepting submissions for the foreseeable future. 

This category is open to editors of literary journals/magazines ONLY. Authors of rejected pieces may contact the editors who rejected them to have their pieces submitted, but cannot submit themselves. 


Editors of literary journals have to make some hard calls when it comes to choosing what graces their pages. Sometimes, you're faced with two very similar pieces and have to choose one. Sometimes, space constraints mean that something you liked gets cut. What makes one good story just that tiny bit better than another? 

The Literary Whip is a semi-weekly podcast that talks to editors about their rejects. We publish the original stories online so that listeners can read what we read and follow along. 

We're looking for those stories that you almost accepted, but that ultimately didn't make the grade. Zoetic Press will contact your author for permission and will pay the author $20 for their piece to appear. The press will receive a plug on the show and on the website. We record via Skype, so you don't have to be local to our office to participate. 
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