Horace Greeley (3 February 1811 - 29 November 1872) was the founder of the New York Tribune, a United States congressman, and the man who is often misquoted as saying "Go West, young man." What he actually said was "Go to the West: there your capabilities are sure to be appreciated and your energy and industry rewarded."

We at Zoetic Press agree with Greeley — we want you to find a place where your energy and industry are rewarded. One of the most frustrating parts of being a writer is the submission process. Interpreting a journal’s description of their aesthetic or theme, parsing their formatting requirements, remembering their reading periods – it can all feel like a bit of a crap shoot. What’s your biggest complaint? What’s your fondest wish? What’s your best submission experience? Send us your questions – the things you’ve always wished editors knew about your experiences with their journals. Real editors (channeling Horace Greeley) will answer your letters – explain how literary journals work, think about how to respond to unusual situations, or just commiserate with your rotten luck.

Letters should avoid names of specific publications, and writers may be anonymous if they wish. All letters will be edited for length and clarity prior to posting, and might be combined with other letters asking similar questions. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.