Zoetic Press & NonBinary Review welcome reviews of books that are, as our name implies, not interested in the binaries, but instead, focus on those liminal spaces of being where all the really interesting human experiences tend to happen. We prefer reviews of books published by small presses, or books that might not receive the critical attention that you, the reader, thinks they deserve. We don’t believe in classism in publishing; if you want to review a title by a self-published author, it will receive the same respect and attention as a review for an author affiliated with a small press. We welcome especially reviews of authors whose work has been traditionally marginalized: female-identified authors, LGBTQ authors, authors of color, literature in translation (or in other languages—hey, send us a bilingual review & if it’s a well-written review we’ll be happy to publish it!)


What we’re looking for in review submissions: We want the reviews to synthesize an opinion on both the content of the work and the quality of the craft in the writing: is the book, in your opinion, worth reading? Please note here that we will decline outright and reviews which are malicious, or which address the personal life of the author in lieu of their work. We do not tolerate trolls. Quote enough to give the reader a taste of the book, but use sparingly: we favor reviews up to 1K words. When quoting from a book of poetry, please include to the title of the poem in italics along with the quote. Contextualize your review, where possible, so that the reader is equipped to understand your opinion on the book (e.g., for poetry reviews, make connections to language, imagery, and poetic technique; for nonfiction or essays, biographical notes or other information relevant to the subject of the book.) But more importantly, we’d like for you to be passionate about the book you’re reviewing—even if you passionately hate the book, tell us why (specifically, and articulately.)

Stylistic Guidelines:

We require that all submitted reviews adhere to the same stylistic conventions as other submissions to Zoetic Press & NonBinary Review: We prefer reviews up to 1,000 words in length, although shorter is probably better. Reviews must be double spaced, 12-point type, in Times New Roman or similar font in a Word document or text file. Your 50-word bio should be included in your cover letter. You may submit more than one review, but each review must be submitted separately. 


We additionally require that each review include at the top of the page the following information (not included in the word count):


·         Title of Book/Chapbook/Zine

·         Author (or editor, translator, etc.)

·         Link to purchase book

·         Publisher’s name and Complete Street Address (if applicable, or author website if self-published)

·         Year of publication (we prefer new titles, but if there’s an indie publication that changed your life, we want to read about that, too)

·         Number of pages

·         Price

·         Format (hardcover, cloth, paperback, handbound, digital, PDF, etc.)


At this time, we do not pay for reviews. All reviews will be published online and archived so they are accessible to readers after the week in which they are featured.

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