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NonBinary Review is open for submissions inspired by our In Motion theme. We want stories, poems and art that put us in the process of travel, whether it’s on a starship, a railway, a frigate, or even a meditative walk from one setting to another. We don’t want indulgent travelogues: no gawking at the Eiffel Tower or sipping sangria in Ibiza. Play with place and time to uncover what it means to be leaving, sojourning, migrating, or escaping. Show us the implications of approaching an end destination – what it is to be driven, by internal and external forces, toward somewhere else. Move us, in every possible sense.

All submissions must have a clear relationship to our theme and be submitted in 12pt Times New Roman, or they will be rejected. Submitters may include up to five poems per submission, but each must be a separate file. NonBinary Review pays a $10 flat fee for poetry.

To submit Visual Art, use this link.

To submit Prose, use this link

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.